ECOE - We help smart people plan ahead!

Welcome to Every Child On Earth!

Through our long-established strategic alliances with Eco-friendly and Green-technology Companies, independently owned by forward thinking brilliant Scientists, ECOE provides instant access to purchase co-ownership of the energy generation systems they've developed via our unique business model.

Our one-of-a-kind business model provides you the ability to obtain the products these Companies produce, before the rest of the world even knows of their existence, and in doing so have our Joint Venture third-party Management Company lease your products to industry and areas where energy demands are needed most.

While working with us you're helping to protect the Earth's environment and resources for countless generations to come, and you can get paid to do it.

Whether you join us as an E-Angel Member or a Retail Customer you gain access to something truly unique...
- Our E-Angels are "Green-space"
IndependentBusiness Owners actively making Direct Sales,
- As one of our Customers you enjoy Direct Purchase to co-ownership of products without having to make sales.

This provides Active & Passive co-ownership of products while 'Making A Difference' in the world!

But ECOE doesn't stop there!

Among our long-established strategic alliances are Companies, also independently owned or backed by more forward thinking brilliant Doctors, Scientists, Financial and Industrial experts, all of which provide you instant access to further amazing green-space and eco-friendly products, services and technologies ranging from 100% Organic Super Foods and 100% Organic Insta-growth Plant growing products, sponsoring the reforestation of mining operations and restoring the Earth to healthy ground for Organically-maintained Crop productions, all the way to savings on healthcare with access to a Doctor-on-Demand anywhere in the world and the first of its kind... our Flagship Product... the ECOE VISA Card that can pay YOU and the Charity of Your Choice when used.

We welcome you to explore ECOE and invite You to Make A Difference in the world - Join our Team today!

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ECOE - We help smart people plan ahead.