Please read this Spam Policy in its entirety.

This Spam Policy contains information that applies to the Customers and/or Members of who do or intend to share information about products and/or services via email with others, and applies to the acceptable use of the free Web site provided to each Member that has registered to join the Online Services and Program.

Spam Policy ("ECOE" and "ItsYourNet, LLC" and "us" and "we" and "our") has joined the fight against Unsolicited Commercial email ("UCE" and "UBE" and "Junk Mail" and "Spam") and has a 100% ZERO Spam tolerance. A person's email box is a private space, and we respect and protect the privacy of others and will not tolerate any violation of this Spam Policy.

We are also committed to finding solutions to the everyday problems associated with Spam. Ultimately, we believe education is the strongest mechanism to fight the war against Spam and we actively institute measures to that effect through our Member Program. Our Spam Policy is designed to be educational in to "What Is Spam?" and what can happen if you ("your" and "user" and "Customer" and "Member") send out Spam, and what to do if you receive Spam. We believe the Articles of our Spam Policy will provide you with the most comprehensive awareness about Junk Mail you could ever possibly find, and we hope you actually enjoy our Spam Policy.

This Spam Policy, in conjunction with our Terms Of Use (also referred to as "Terms and Conditions"), Privacy Policy, the Member Agreement, and our mutual NDA if or when applicable, represents the complete understanding between ECOE and you and supersedes any other written or oral Spam Policy pertaining to your ECOE account. By using your ECOE account and/or any email address or email service to introduce the ECOE Program to others you agree to be bound by and to comply with this Spam Policy. Violation of any provision of this Spam Policy is grounds for immediate termination of your ECOE Member account, and even your Internet Service Provider ("ISP") account from which Spam has originated, whether via any email address we have supplied you with or if you Spam through an email address provided to you by your ISP and/or any other Email Service Provider account using an email address you have been supplied with and/or obtained.

We reserve the right to supplement, change, modify, add to, and/or take away from our Spam Policy at any time and without notice. Any and all information about Spam that is supplied via our Site is intended to provide for further awareness about Spam used or found on the Internet and is supplied "as is" and as "Information Only". We make no warrantee to the fitness or validity of Spam Information we supply, any information about Spam we supply is delivered only as "Our Opinion" and is not meant to be legal advice or expression. You are solely responsible for what you do with or how you use Spam information we supply and we will not be held liable in whole or in part to do with any proceedings that may be set upon you from your use of any information we have made or do make available.


That said, if you are a Member of our Program and you plan to send an email that you even think Might be Spam, DO NOT SEND IT!

1. Spam organizations

1.a Spam organizations we may be found having affiliation with, or that we may be supportive of, will be only those organizations who understand that "Bulk email Delivery" may not necessarily be Spam, but in fact may be a large volume automated and/or simultaneous delivery of legitimate business or commercial email sent to do legitimate business in one, any combination of, or all of the three following instances; (i) the legitimate large volume automated and/or simultaneous delivery of email sent to recipients who are Customers requiring notification; (ii) the legitimate large volume automated and/or simultaneous delivery of email to provide information to an opted-in audience whom have made request for the information; (iii) the legitimate large volume automated and/or simultaneous delivery of email having been deemed necessary to conducting good and legitimate business online sent for the sole purpose of saving time and/or automation of delivery to recipients expecting the content of the email.

1.b Such classification of Bulk email will show that it contains validity of delivery by a clearly identifiable and/or non-stealthy source and contain information on how the recipient came to be in receipt of the email originally. In the case of external newsletters and notices, such emails will always contain an easy, valid, and prominent method of removal for all of the recipients in receipt of such email. These key elements are commonly used to identify legitimate email from credible sources and are valid perimeters of delivery as we understand them.

2. Definition of Spam

2.a The term "Spam", properly referred to as Unsolicited Commercial or Business email ("UCE" or "UBE"), is email that advertises or promotes a product, business, opportunity, or service to a person who has not requested information specifically about that product, business, opportunity, or service.

2.b Spam is much the same as brochures that are placed at your front door, on the windshield of your motor vehicle, or a Tele-Marketer phoning you at your home. Spam clutters email boxes, wastes valuable time and bandwidth resources, and has become a serious nuisance worldwide. Spam harms the good name of ethical companies and has made it more difficult for legitimate information, presentations, invitations, and email between friends to be sent to and/or viewed by those who wish to receive the content or information.

3. Definition of Bulk email
There are two (2) prominent classifications of "Bulk email" sent out on the Internet; (i) a large volume of automated and/or simultaneous delivery of unsolicited email sent to many recipients who have not requested receipt of it; (ii) the large volume of automated and/or simultaneously delivered email sent to many recipients who are either expecting to receive the content or have requested to receive the content as defined in Article 1.

4. Unsolicited email Sent To People You Know

4.a Ultimately, any email sent by you, to any person who has not requested to receive email from you, that contains content which offends them in any way, business or product related or not, the recipient can report you for Spam. This includes, but is not limited to, friends, family, employees, customers, vendors, and peers such as students and mutual club and association members, etc.

4.b Even when sending email to these individuals, you must be able to provide proof that they have granted, requested, and/or have authorized you to send them information as stated herein, and regardless of their authorization, you must also include an easy way for them to request that you not contact them further, and if made you must honor their request.

4.c Verbal authorization from an individual is not construed as proof of authorization to send any email to anyone, and if your are reported for sending Spam, and intend to use "Verbal Authorization" as your defense, you may as well unplug your computer as soon as you are notified that a Spam complaint has been filed against you. Lack of knowledge, or "ignorance", of "What is Spam" is not construed as a form of defense either.

4.d Spam also consists of, but is not limited to:

1. Usenet and Message Board Spamming
These are messages that are sent or posted and are misleading to individuals and/or potential referrals and are unrelated to the topic of discussion.

2. Chat Room Solicitation
Solicitations posted in text chat rooms or by use of instant messaging systems that do not make available the option to its users of the respective system to be able to block bulk messaging, multiple recipient messaging, or one on one instant messaging either by topic and/or a users wish to remain as an anonymous user of that system.

3. Opt-In Lists and/or Safe Lists
An "Opt-In" or "Safe" list is a list of people who have at one time or another indicated an interest in receiving information about a business opportunity, product, and/or service or have joined a group to be able to send and receive such information. According to our definition and understanding, opt-in or safe lists do NOT constitute a preexisting relationship, however, we do not, and will not, stand in the way of or attempt to prevent any user, Customer and/or Member of our Online Services and/or Program from posting to or using legitimate opt-in or safe lists, or creating their own opt-in or safe list as long as it is a valid list of individuals who have requested such delivery of information about products and services we offer.

4. Replying to Spam
When Spam is sent to a person, and that person is involved in a business and/or program on the Internet, it is quite often that the one first Spammed will reply to the person who has Spammed them with more Spam. This is best explained as follows; You can not send an UCE or UBE to anyone if they have not requested and/or accepted to receive the information from you. In other words, yes, a person who has Spammed you, that you simply reply to with your business opportunity, product and/or service for sale, or offer of joining a program, can get you shut down for Spamming. This is the rarest form of Spam complaint anyone will ever receive, nonetheless, it is included here for information about this subject.

5. 2-Stage Spam
Spam also consists of email messages that may not tell you anything or not very much information about the product, service, and/or opportunity that the Spammer is intending to be advertised. This type of Spam is generally sent with the intent of urging the recipient to go to a Web site that will provide either a brief description about what they want to show you, or will be full of hype and motivational text and flashy animations intended to elevate some levels of excitement to the visitor. Somewhere at this type of Web site will be a direct link to proceed to the Spammer's product, service, and/or opportunity Web site that has been either issued to them and/or that they own in the event that it is their company that has the product, service, and/or opportunity. 2-Stage Spam is best defined as a Web page that gives you access to the page the Spammer really wishes or intends you to end up at without you requesting to end up there, and a Spammer of this type will quite often register a domain name that they do not care about loosing and use it just to get you to another Web site they want you to see. In this instance, Spam complaints can be filed with the respective third party Web site owners you may end up at through the Spammer's "disposable" Web site or domain.

5. Banners and Ads

5.a Advertisements and Banners located on Web sites are not Spam. By definition, an advertisement is not in someones private space. Advertisements, for this definition, are messages or invitations that are generally on a Web site, or made available by way of other media, that invites people to take an action to participate further (without violation of Article 4.(4.d)(5.) above). If someone arrives at, or on, our Site and/or one of the pages at our Site, or on or at any other Web site on the Internet because they clicked on a linking ad or a banner ad they have taken a step to look closer and have therefore not been Spammed. This type of arrival at any Web site is best classed as; Surfing the Internet.

6. How We Handle Spam Complaints

6.a If we receive a Spam complaint against a Customer or a Member of our Online Services and/or Program, the offended party must include the information they were sent with an explanation of how it was sent to them (see the steps for sending in a Spam complaint in Article 7. below). If it appears to violate the terms of this Spam Policy, the Customer and/or Member of our Online Services and/or Program under investigation will immediately be suspended from use and access to our Online Services and/or Program pending their ability to prove they had obtained or have a prior business and/or marketing relationship with the offended party and/or the offended party had voluntarily submitted their name and/or their email address and/or any other basic personally identifiable information about themselves to proceed with learning more and/or to request more and/or be in receipt of further information about what you have sent them. Furthermore, the accused Customer and/or Member of our Online Services and/or Program must demonstrate that they have met all the terms of this Spam Policy.

6.b If we determine a Spam complaint is valid and the accused Customer and/or Member of our Online Services and/or Program has or have intentionally breached or violated our Spam Policy, the Customer and/or Member of our Online Services and/or Program will have their access to their account terminated immediately.

6.c In the event we receive any Spam complaints directly from an Internet Backbone we provide Services through, monetary fines may be imposed and even civil and/or criminal charges against the offending party could be initiated. Spam complaints of any nature are serious, however, if they are serious enough for an Internet Backbone to find reason to become involved, such complaints are completely out of our control and the Internet Backbone will take full precedence on how they wish to handle the Spam complaints they may receive.

7. How Spam Complaints Are Filed

7.a To file a Spam complaint against a Customer and/or Member of our Online Services and/or Program the following information needs to be supplied by the offended party:

1. The email you received to which you are filing the complaint about;
2. The source code/header information of the email (See NOTE: below for instructions on locating this information);
3. Your contact information* (your Name, Phone Number, etc.) in the event we need to contact you;
4. Any and all other information you can provide to assist our Abuse Department with resolving the Spam Complaint;
5. And a statement from you of what has lead you to filing the Spam complaint.

NOTE: The source code/header information of an email is not visible when copying, forwarding, or replying to an email. This information is hidden in the email because only the Command functions of email Servers, Internet Gateways, and your email Client that is needs to work with the source code/header information to deliver the email to its intended recipient. However, the usefulness of the content of an email source code/header information to identify the sender is invaluable, and assists us in determining if someone is abusing one or more of our Customer and/or Member privileges, or part of our support system software provided to a Member of our Online Services and/or Program, and, if the offending party is actually the person that did in fact send you the Spam. To locate an email source code/header information so you can copy and paste the information into a readable format for us, please follow these simple instructions:

A) Open your email Client and the email you wish to file a complaint about;
B) Right click on the email header and select "Properties" or "View Source" or "Options" in the menu that comes up;
C) A window should open that normally contains the email Subject Line as the title of the window;
D) In this window you should be able to see the source code/header information or at least an area to click on to view the source code/header information;


1. - Once you have the source code/header information Copied, and ready to Paste, close the email Header Window;
2. - Click Forward on the email you are submitting in your complaint;
3. - Paste the source code/header information into the body of the top of the email;
4. - Type in your Name and Phone Number* to the body of the email above the source code you just pasted in;
5. - Type in your Statement of what has lead you to filing the Spam complaint;
6. - Type the words Abuse email into the Subject Line of the email;
7. - Fill in the To: section of the email with;
8. - Send the email.

We will respond to all email within seventy-two (72) hours of receipt.

*Your personal identifiable information is never shared with anyone. We keep the source of all Spam Complaints completely confidential, just as we will keep the personal identifiable information of a potential offender confidential from you past what information the potential offender has already supplied to you. For more information about what we do with personally identifiable information, please refer to our Privacy Policy located on our Site.

8. Supplemental Information; Acceptable Member Advertisements

For the purpose of clarification to the acceptable use of our system tools and/or any support service we do or may provide you with access and use, known as product and/or service tools (the "Services") we may provision you with or grant you access of use, we offer the following supplemental information:

8.a Our Services are designed to provide you with an ethical and effective means of advertising your Membership involvement with us and to protect you from complaints of Spam by individuals and entities reporting to ECOE, and to service providers, in which our system provides 'access to' our Services only. Our Web-based systems are designed to provide you with communication with individuals requesting more information from you about our products and services and the products and services of any approved third party to which we have formed a relationship with, and for your use as a lead generation tool for building your own mailing list for use in advertising a respective, legal, and ethical Internet-based and/or home based business, otherwise known as a your ECOE Membership in our Online Services and/or Program.

8.b You must respect the Web site and Services you are supplied with as if it is our Corporate Property and you may NOT simply Bulk email or Spam recipients with any Services we may provision you with or grant you access to use. Our Services are provided to you with the understanding that you must only use such Services in compliance with any and all ECOE Policies, Terms and Conditions, and your Member Agreement as we see fit.

8.c Members of our Online Services and/or Program who have access to use our Services can only send out email information about our products, services, Online Services and/or Program, and/or any link to our Replicated Member Web sites that we own and have granted a Member use of, or any content that contain our name or names, to an individual or individuals who have requested to receive the information and/or with whom they have a preexisting relationship who have granted authorization and/or requested to receive information about products and/or services of the nature we offer through our Services and/or Site and/or our Replicated Member Web sites.

8.d ECOE strictly prohibits any form of Spamming with the intent to acquire customers, referrals, and/or other Members. In accordance with our policies, and to protect the rights of others, we have a zero tolerance for any Member of our Online Services and/or Program who blatantly disregards our Spam Policy and will face immediate termination from our Online Services and/or Program and forfeit any Fees, Customers, and/or other Members they may have acquired, and could face civil and/or criminal proceedings set upon them, including, but not limited to, court ordered fines.

8.e If a Member of our Online Services and/or Program, or a group of Members of our Online Services and/or Program, have their access to our Services and/or our Replicated Member Web sites terminated, they will also forfeit any and all rights to extend the offer of use of our products, services, and Membership to others (personally referred Members and/or personally referred Customers and/or sales Referrals) or any of the products contained on our respective external Web sites, as well as, will loose access to continued or ongoing relations and/or contact with their Referrals by way of, use of, or through our Members Back Office area and all Services.

8.f Any Member and/or Members of our Online Services and/or Program may have their access to our Services and/or our Replicated Member Web sites terminated or reinstated at the sole discretion of ECOE. Therefore, if a Member is in doubt about whether or not they have a preexisting relationship with someone according to the terms of this Spam Policy, we strongly recommend that you avoid all risk and DO NOT offer any link or links we may provide you with or that we own to any person without first obtaining their permission to do so according to this Spam Policy.

8.g To further assist you in your marketing efforts, please view what we deem to be acceptable "Ad Copy" in the Members Back Office and/or by requesting such approved material from Member Services.

(This page was last updated on 02/19/2013)