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"We're Calling all Angels!"

Once you see the products, services and technologies our Strategic JV Companies bring to the world, you will realize how different and unique our program really is, let alone our unique ability to share so much with our Retail Customers as well.


ECOE is currently transitioning to a state-of-the-art smart-phone ready Web site system and Enterprise-level platform.

A top Direct Sales Industry software platform available in the world.

Right now, you can PERSONALLY OWN a portion of our Stirling Engine Systems ("SES") for LIFE*
- To order your percentage in one or more of our SES products for Life right now, please fill out this form:
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Outside of that, your E-Angel Representative can provide you further details on other portions of our program.

We will be adding information about our compensation plan to this page as we near our anticipated launch in November, 2013, during our prelaunch phase this page will not fully reflect our newly enhanced compensation model.

To instantly access further details right now you can join ECOE with purchase of your $29.95* E-Angel Pre-Enrolment Kit.
*Billed onetime per year.

Thank you for your desire to make a difference in the world... and welcome to ECOE.

Prosperous regards,

Kendall S. Stewart
Cofounder, Chairman and CEO,
Every Child On Earth, LLC
- We help smart people plan ahead.

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ECOE - We help smart people plan ahead.