About ECOE

Based in Weatherford, Texas, ECOE was created in 2010 to provide independent small and home-based business owners with a platform and access to our eco-friendly energy generation product lines and green/eco-business program, a platform providing these individuals with the ability to share our alternative wind and solar energy-generation systems through word of mouth marketing. Consistent with this mission, we created the 'ECOE-Angel' platform - a total solution that has become the industry's leading referral based solution for independent entrepreneurs looking to cash-in from this fast emerging 'green-space.'

While remaining focused on our mission and further developing our own renewable green energy-generation ideas, in 2011 we were introduced to several other extremely advanced technologies in the green-space energy-generation and energy-storage industries all of which were a perfect fit and compliment to our own. Having quickly realized a like-minded synergy with the owners behind these global game-changing technologies, we proceeded on a journey in an independent joint venturing capacity to expand ECOE into a new and enhanced platform with these companies - a one-stop 'portal' for our ECOE-Angel business members to be able to profit from all of the technologies, instead of just our developing technologies and product lines alone, and our '7-Avenues to Wealth' plan was born.

After placing considerable thought and preparation into our plan, in 2012 we began laying the cornerstones to begin the introduction of what are now ECOE's independently owned 'Select Companies' to our closest long-established business affiliates (our closest Friends) and members of our extended and immediate family. By mid-2012 we initiated our first test-run providing for a 'micro-investment' ability; our collective friends and family micro-investments quickly grew into a near six-figure Angel Investor-level lump sum, all with very little effort, and without even sharing where we were looking to invest the group's collective funds - our test-run proved complete success.

Today, ECOE has become a one-of-a-kind Information Provider solution and is the leading Social Marketing Platform for our Select Companies to tap into the power of our completely automated information strategies, both driving measurable results through word of mouth marketing to expand their technologies and global sales of their products, all while providing our group of independent small and home-based business owners the ability to 'stake-a-claim' in our Select Companies through what has now become our ECOE-Angel plan product line.

For the first time in the history of the world, ECOE has made it possible for 'the little guy' to tap into the immense profits that can be generated and realized through early involvement in cutting edge technologies through joining us as one of our independent contractor Angel members - a team of countless home-based business entrepreneurs all working together as a very powerful group force to help bring amazing next generation green-space technologies to the world.

Our immediate future holds even further success as we begin to introduce our Select Companies' amazing green technologies into North America, as well as the rest of the world with our already underway expansion plans, through our ever-growing force of Green Angel and ECOE-Angel plan holding entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

"Our goal is to utilize the wisdom of 21st Century Science and
Technology to bring spiritual, mental and physical unity to the world.
To provide equal opportunity to all individuals in obtaining all that
the Internet can offer, and to provide quality products, services
and publications that inspire and motivate the creative mind"

We welcome you to join ECOE today and begin working with our very powerful team of likeminded home-based business entrepreneurs, not only to share in the wonderful feeling we all receive from truly 'making a difference' in the protection of the Earth and its resources for generations to come, but to also get paid to do it, as we work together towards increasing your financial wellbeing through our leading and one-of-a-kind ECOE-Angel social marketing platform.

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